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Helping Students Beyond the Classroom

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Last modified: December 1, 2023

If you are concerned about a student, there are multiple avenues for you to pursue at UAS.

Care Team Report

If you are concerned about a UAS student who may be personally struggling or whose behavior is concerning, disruptive, risky, or potentially harmful to him/herself or others please submit a CARE Team report.

Early Alerts

An Early Alert is a faculty-initiated referral system that allows instructors to engage with academic advisors to check in with students who might be struggling in the classroom. The referral is FERPA-protected and triggers the advisors to reach out to students, offering support for their academic success at UAS. It is beneficial to refer any student who is struggling or has low attendance as it helps establish a pattern of behavior that can be used to track and support the student throughout their academic career.

What happens when an Early Alert is issued?

  1. Within 2 academic days, outreach (email, text through EAB, or phone call) to the student will be made by an advisor; a. If no response within 2 academic days of days, another call, text or email will be made; b. If still no response after 3 days, one more outreach will be made; c. If the student does not respond within 4 days after the 3rd outreach, the Early Alert Flag will be closed.*
  2. When contact is made, the student will be alerted to the concern indicated by the faculty and support resources will be offered.
  3. The Early Alert Flag will be closed. Faculty are notified via email of the case closure which include referrals and brief notes.

Note: All notes and documentation in Navigate are considered part of the student record and should be treated carefully. There are times when we will follow this process as closely as possible; however, it may not be completely realistic to follow this process in every scenario.

For more information please see this document from the provost's office

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