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Find Graphics for Presentations

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Last modified: October 3, 2022

Graphics can create a more welcoming classroom environment and add visual engagement to lessons. Using graphics representing diverse groups also helps create a more inclusive environment.

Graphics in general

If you are looking for photos, the following are good places to find free or creative commons licensed photos. Make sure you comply with the attribution policies:

If you are looking for clipart-type images or icons, try these options. Again, pay attention to attribution and make sure you credit as required.:

  • Storyset has a wide selection of cartoon people doing different activities
  • Iconfinder and Flaticon have thousands of icons that can be used in various contexts.

Inclusive Photo Repositories

It can be difficult to find stock images that feature marginalized or underrepresented groups, so here is a list of websites that intentionally provide images that represent diverse cultures, body types, genders, and lifestyles. The following image repositories have free photos that can be used in presentations. Make sure that you read the attribution expectations for each site and give credit accordingly.