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Link Course Sections

Last modified: March 1, 2024

If you are teaching multiple sections of the same course, you can save yourself time by linking them. This way you only post information once for all sections.

You are viewing instructions for Ultra view in Blackboard (NOT the current default)

If you have not regenerated your course or specifically requested using Ultra, go to Original course view on linking courses instead.

General Information about Course Linking

You can link course sections together using the "UAS Online Course Linker" tool. This is found in the left menu under Books and Tools. Once two sections are linked, the course list will roll over and all your students will be in the main course site and their grades will be in that gradebook. Course Materials and Grades will NOT be copied over if you unlink the courses later. You should only unlink courses before the start of the semester if you change your mind because the student's work will not be copied to the unlinked sections.

How it works

If you have several sections of the same course, a separate course site will be created for each. In the figure above, there are three sections. There will be three course names listed on UAS Online and they will be linked to three separate Blackboard Course sites.  

a diagram depicting the relationship between course sections after linking

After the courses are linked, the students will see their individual section on their UAS Online course list, and clicking on it will bring them into your master course where all sections are combined. You will still see all three section names, but clicking on any one gets you to the same place, a combined course site.

Instructions for Linking Courses

  • Go to a CHILD course you want to link (in the example above: J02 or J03)
  • Locate the UAS Course Linker under Books and Tools in the Details and actions menu, which takes you to this page: 

  • Enter the full name of the Master course you want this course to be linked under.
  • Click “Link Course”. This tool takes a few moments to work. Go grab a drink of water then come back. 
  • Repeat for any additional sections you wish to link. (In the example above go to either J02 or J03)

When you return to J02 and J03 after linking, you will be taken to the master site and all of your students should be on the class roster and gradebook. It may take a few minutes for the link to be complete, so don’t panic if you don’t see all of your students immediately.

Additional tips

After classes are linked, you may find that you want to view the students separately at times. You can do this by creating a group for each section of students to help you filter out the groups.

Unlinking Courses

To unlink course section, go to the UAS Course Linker in the master site and click the course section you wish to unlink.

Screenshot of unlinking courses with the UAS tool

This tool takes a few moments to work. Go grab a drink of water then come back. 

And remember that none of the student records will be copied back to the now unlinked secondary sections, so this is not recommended after the start of the semester.