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Chancellor's Advisory Committee on Alaska Native Education

Updated July 19, 2021


The University of Alaska Southeast mission promotes student learning enhanced by the cultures and environment of Southeast Alaska. UAS values associated with the mission highlight the special importance of the histories, cultures, languages, and arts reflected in the Alaska Native heritage, and to promoting cultural safety and equity on our campuses.

The UAS Chancellor's Advisory Committee on Alaska Native Education (CACANE) provides advice to UAS leadership about fulfilling this mission and acting on these values. In doing so, the committee's work is guided by the following:

Cultural Safety

  • Individuals have the right to define themselves independent of the stereotypes of others
  • Individuals have the right to define what is safe for their well-being
  • Institutions operate conscious of historical traumas and current inequities


  • Equity is meeting an unmet need (from recruitment to attainment)
  • Equity is the absence of disparity

Committee Mission

The CACANE is charged with advising UAS leadership in the following areas:

  • Supporting and improving Alaska Native student recruitment, retention, and program completion
  • Developing meaningful partnerships with tribes, Native corporations and non-profits, and other entities that share similar goals in fostering Alaska Native education
  • Advancing respectful recognition of Alaska Native heritage
  • Promoting and enhancing academic programs, pathways to student success, and student support services in the context of its mission, vision, and values
  • Training and educating UAS faculty, staff, and administration on issues unique to Alaska Native heritage and history

The CACANE shall provide written recommendations to the Chancellor and executive leadership.

Committee Membership

Membership on the Committee shall include, but is not limited to, UAS Alaska Native faculty, staff, students, and alumni at any of UAS' three campuses. In addition, membership may be extended by mutual agreement of the co-chairs and committee members to Elders and representatives from Alaska Native organizations.

Committee Leadership

Committee leadership shall be a UAS faculty co-chair and a UAS staff co-chair. The normal term for service will be for two years. The Associate Vice Chancellor for Alaska Native Programs shall be an ex-officio member of the committee.

Current CACANE Chair Members

Kolene E. James

Kolene E. James

Student Equity and Multicultural Services Manager

Profile and contact info
Lance (X̱’unei) A. Twitchell, M.F.A., Ph.D.

Lance (X̱’unei) A. Twitchell, M.F.A., Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Alaska Native Languages

All systems and spaces have space for Indigenous languages, knowledges, arts, and peoples. You can study with us and stand up for Indigenous languages, ways of knowing, and decolonization in revolutionary self-love. Kakḵwa.áaḵw aag̱áa yakḵwadláaḵ: I will try, and I will succeed!

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Meeting Frequency and Format

The committee will meet at least three times during the academic year. An agenda will be prepared in advance of each meeting with prior notification of the date and location of meetings. Provisions will be made allowing for participation at a distance from Ketchikan and Sitka campuses. Summary notes about the topics addressed by the CACNE will be prepared and posted on the UAS website