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Getting Ready for the Big Event

We are so happy to offer an in-person celebration this year, but we know not everyone will be able to attend. Here are four ways to prepare for and personalize a virtual ceremony celebration for our graduates, friends, and family unable to attend the in-person ceremony:

Four ways to prepare for and personalize your virtual ceremony celebration

  • Step 1: Set Up a Watch Party

    • Create a watch party on Zoom or Google Hangouts and invite out-of-town family and friends.
    • Share the link to the commencement website: to access the YouTube Premiere. (caption access)
    • Sign into YouTube using your Google account to participate in the chat during the ceremony.
    • Tag photos from your watch party with #UASGrad to be featured on the UAS social media.
  • Step 2: Get Into the Spirit

    • Graduates: share a photo with family and friends of you dressed in your cap and gown.
    • Family and friends: wear your UAS gear, blue or white clothing for the watch party.
    • Cheer loudly when your graduate is recognized.
    • Decorate your cap to celebrate your achievement. Post a photo to social media and tag #UASGrad.
  • Step 3: Personalize Your Celebration

    • Make your favorite food for the celebration.
    • Make a music playlist for before and after the ceremony.
    • Decorate your watch space with balloons, streamers, signs – get creative!
  • Step 4: Check Your Tech

    • Check your technology before the ceremony — test the links and YouTube login (required for chatting), so there’s no stress when the ceremony starts!