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Local organizer contact:

Organizer contact:

Information for presenters


We have allocated 15 minutes for talks including Q&A. Please upload your talk at least one day prior to your talk. If you have a gmail account, you can upload your presentation using this form. Otherwise please either (i) post the presentation somewhere that the conveners can download it and send an email to or (ii) load your presentation onto the computer at the conference. We will have a computer at the icebreaker reception for those of you that are presenting on Monday.

The presentations will be the lecture hall area of the Egan Library, which has a lot of natural light. We recommend using a white background for your slides and thick lines and high contrast imagery, if possible.

lecture hall

Virtual presentations

We have a few virtual presentations that will be integrated throughout the conference. If you are presenting virtually you will be able to control your own slides. However, we ask that you also submit your slides ahead of time in case there are any connectivity issues.


Poster presenters will have an opportunity to present a 3 minute (or less) poster introduction. Poster introductions should also be uploaded using one of the same options as for the talks (see above). The poster session will follow the poster introductions.

The poster session will be held in adjacent classrooms on the second floor of the Egan Classroom Wing (Egan 218, 219, 224, and 225) on Wednesday, June 22. We will have ample space for the posters, which will be taped to the walls of the classrooms. However, please limit your posters to a width of 2 m. You can hang your poster in Egan 218, 219, or 224 anytime on Tuesday. We will not have access to Egan 225 until late afternoon on Tuesday.

Outreach exchange

On Tuesday afternoon we plan to have an outreach exchange session. This is an informal opportunity, built on previous successful outreach exchange sessions at the Cities on Volcanoes conferences, to share or solicit feedback on some outreach activities that you have been involved in. This could include videos, pamphlets, course materials, etc. The session will begin with short 3-5 minute presentations by anybody that would like to present their work, and then participants can set up materials at tables and have smaller conversations about their outreach products. Sign up for this session will occur at the icebreaker reception and during the first two days of the conference. You can also sign up using this spreadsheet.