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The University of Alaska Southeast Development Office focuses on increasing private support for UAS student scholarships, teaching, research, and programs.

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Announcing the Allan P. Cohan Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Allan Paul Cohan was born in the Bronx, New York, in 1933. Allan was the first in his family to go to college and education was always very important to him. He continued to learn, read, and discuss everything from sports to politics to history throughout his life. His humor and quick wit was renowned. This endowment pays tribute to his values and reflects his lifelong commitment to learning and developing. 

Allan P Cohan

The purpose of the fund is to honor the life and memory of Allan Cohan by providing financial assistance for tuition and other related educational expenses to  University of Alaska Southeast students in perpetuity. 

Make a gift online here! Or visit this page for more details on giving. 

Office of Development & Alumni Relations

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  • The University of Alaska is important to Alaska’s future economic development. Through partnerships with business and industry, UAS is able to focus its highest priority initiatives in response to Southeast Alaska’s employment and job training needs.
  • Statistics show that the more education an individual receives, the less money the government will spend on welfare, unemployment, child support enforcement, incarceration, health care and other social services. Furthermore, the more likely that person is to vote, be active in their community, and contribute to charities.
  • A strong university brings more to our community than opportunities for higher education and professional advancement. Nationwide, our country’s colleges and universities are centers for the arts and scientific research. These programs enrich our lives and strengthen our community, while attracting new businesses to invest in our local economy.

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Annual Giving

At UAS alumni, friends, employees and community members can give meaningful gifts on an annual basis to the Chancellor's unrestricted fund.  These funds are used for many purposes: to supplement existing named funds, or start new endowed funds as well as general scholarships, depending on the needs determined by the current Chancellor. Gifts to existing funds

Contributions can be made to existing endowed or restricted funds at any time. 

Establishing a New Fund

There are two types of funds here at UAS: endowed and restricted.  

  • Endowed
    A minimum of $25,000 is required to create an endowed named fund.  Endowed gifts are invested. This is the most long-term, monumental form of support. For more in-depth information about this process, please see the UA Foundation, which provides administrative overview of all UAS funds
  • Restricted
    A minimum of $5,000 is required to create a restricted named fund.  Restricted funds smaller and not invested, but donated directly into the fund and used for the purposes defined in a gift agreement between the donor and the University. If the funds are not replenished by additional gifts, they will be closed.

We’d love to talk with you about your ideas for creating a new memorial fund or contributing to an existing fund.

Contact Us

Please feel free to email us at or contact us at the phone number below. We can provide the wording typically used in obituaries to specify contributions in honor of a loved one, if you need that immediately. Please note the additional steps in order to create a memorial fund.For more information, contact: UAS Office of Development & Alumni Relations 11066 Auke Lake Way Juneau, AK 99801 (907) 796-6416