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Faculty/Staff Giving Campaign

Faculty and staff know UAS better than any other group. By giving back we show our confidence in the university and our support for students. Our commitment sends a powerful message to the community and encourages others to give. Participation is what matters – gifts of every size make a difference for the education UAS provides to our students. Thank you for your support!

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UAS Alaska GED Achiever Endowed Scholarship

Meet Vice Chancellor Michael Ciri and his life partner, Jeri Cary – they're an unstoppable duo! Both Michael and Jeri have personally experienced the challenges of a nontraditional education journey, facing various barriers along the way. But they didn't let those obstacles hold them back; instead, they decided to be changemakers and break down those very barriers for others.
Their mission is to assist individuals who have achieved the significant milestone of obtaining their GED to pursue higher education. Michael and Jeri are passionate about empowering others and making sure that everyone has an equal opportunity to access and excel in education.
With their dedication and drive, they're truly a force to be reckoned with in the realm of higher education. Their impact on the lives of many aspiring students is nothing short of inspiring.
Michael and Jeri
A short message from Michael Ciri:
"My partner and I were positively changed by the welcoming embrace of the UA system. We wanted to give back, so we decided to create an endowed scholarship for people like us who couldn't complete traditional high school and had earned their GEDs. Surprisingly, there were no UA foundation scholarships specifically for GED recipients. Our goal is to ensure that the welcome door to education will always be open by establishing an endowed scholarship, carrying the message, "You have achieved! You are welcome here!""


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Funds highlighted by Deans and Campus Directors


School of Arts & Sciences

  • UAS Alaska Native and Rural Student Center Scholarship (60218) - This has reached endowment level thanks to generous donations!
  • John and Margaret Pugh Social Science Award (21210) - Providing funding for UAS students studying the social sciences through scholarships and experiential learning opportunities.
  • Undergraduate Research General Support Endowment Spendable (60209) - Providing general support for Undergraduate Research at UAS. Research grants for undergraduate students simultaneously help train the scientists of tomorrow and provide the manpower necessary to conduct studies of regional & global impact.
  • Selina Peratrovich Memorial Scholarship for Native Arts (80847) - Providing financial assistance to students interested in learning traditional native art regardless of cultural background. Established to honor Master Haida Basketweaver Selina Peratrovich.

Department of Business and Public Administration

  • George Masek Scholarship (80101) - Providing assistance for Business students at UAS.

School of Education

  • Power Learners (21131) - Providing support for the various UAS programs with faculty and/or students that work to improve reading, math and science skills of K-12 students.

School of Career Education

  • Vocational Tech Endowment (80023) - Providing financial assistance for Southeast Alaskan students enrolled in Vocational or Technical programs at UAS.


  • Sitka General Scholarship Fund (20410) - Providing support for the SITKA START program.


  • First City Rotary Memorial Scholarship (21198) - Providing financial assistance for tuition and other related educational expenses to part-time students at the Ketchikan campus of UAS.