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Emily Wall, B.A., M.F.A.

Professor of English 
Arts and Sciences - Humanities


907-796-6406 (Fax) (Visit Website)

Soboleff Bldg 213, Juneau Campus



Curriculum Vitae

M.F.A. in Poetry University of Arizona, 1996

Bachelor of Arts in English Literature Colby College, 1994
Honors: Cum Laude, Dean's List
Minor: Creative Writing

Bachelor of Arts in German Colby College, 1994
Honors: Cum Laude, Dean's List

Recent Honors/Awards:

  • Pushcart Prize Nomination. This national prize contest is one in which editors who have published your work submit it for nation-wide contest. The editors of Origami Press submitted my poem "Light" (2018).
  • Rasmuson Individual Artist Award for poetry. This is a statewide competitive grant awarded by a panel based on the merit of the artistic work. It's a $7,500 award and I'm using it to research and write my fourth book (2018).
  • Poems in Place. The Alaska Center for the Book ran a statewide poetry contest to place poems on plaques in two state parks. My poem "This Forest, This Beach, You" was one of the poems chosen. The poem is placed as a permanent installation in Ketchikan's Totem Bight Park. As part of this project I attended an unveiling ceremony and taught a community workshop in Ketchikan (2014).


Books & Chapbooks

  • Breaking into Air: Birth Poems. Boreal Books, Red Hen Press. This is my third book of poems (forthcoming).
  • Letters from Mary. Origami Poems Project. This is a micro-chapbook of five poems (2018).
  • With Reverence. Origami Poems Project. Micro-chapbook (2013).
  • Liveaboard. Salmon Poetry, Ireland. This is my second book of poems (2012).
  • Freshly Rooted. Salmon Poetry, Ireland. This is my first book of poems (2007).

Anthology Publications (last 5 years)

  • Refugium.  My poem “Grace Harbor, Desolation Sound” was chosen for this anthology of poems about the Pacific.  The collection takes work from both U.S. and Canadian authors and is published by Caitlin Press (2017).
  • Even the Daybreak:  35 Years of Salmon Poetry. My poem “Touching Galaxies” was chosen to be included in this anthology of international poetry.  The poem was selected by the editor of the Salmon Poetry press, Jessie Lendennie (2016).
  • Best Indie Lit New England, Volume II.  My poem “Heart Lottery” was nominated by the editor of Naugatuck Review and selected by the editors of this anthology (2015).

Literary Journal Publications (last 5 years)

  • "Tommy's Birth" in Evening Street Review (2019)
  • "Catching Babies: Haiku" in Evening Street Review (2019)
  • "Seed" in Cirque (2018)
  • "Upstairs Bread" in Architrave (2018)
  • "Yoga, Sunday Morning, Pacific Ocean" in (2017)
  • "Bringing Saki Home" in Minerva Rising (2017)
  • "Liveaboard, S/V Iona" " in Minerva Rising (2017)
  • "Shawaatke'e's Birth" in Alaska Quarterly Review (2016)
  • "Samantha's Births" in Prairie Schooner (2016)
  • "Leaving Egypt" in Common Ground Review (2016)
  • "Rising" in Common Ground Review (2016)
  • "Saturday Creek" in Cirque (2016)
  • "Care Package for Eva" in Cirque (2016)
  • "In the Birthing Tub" in Adanna (2015)
  • "Do Not Look at a Lunar Eclipse" in Adanna (2015)
  • "Do Not Look at a Lunar Eclipse" in Adanna (2015)
  • "Blue" in Minerva Rising (2014)
  • "Sugar Crush" in Minerva Rising (2014)
  • "This Morning's Milk Order" in Minerva Rising (2014)
  • "Alaskan" in Cirque (2014)
  • "Why You Come Back" in Cirque (2014)
  • "Hazel's Birth" in Literary Mama (2014)
  • "Bethlehem Haiku" in Christianity and Literature (2014)


My passion is for poetry. I’ve been studying, writing, and publishing poetry for 20 years. I’ve been lucky enough to be part of a connected and supportive writing community throughout Alaska. I’ve brought many writers, including poet laureates to my classes and to work with my students. At UAS I’ve found the perfect writing laboratory: a wild and beautiful place, with a small but artistic town, and access to a broader community of outstanding writers.

I love teaching students how to write. In workshops with students I focus on craft and my goal is for every student leaving my class to have stronger, more powerful poems and stories. In each of my workshops I work to create a supportive, safe environment where students can bring their stories and poems and share them with other students. We laugh a lot, and sometimes there are tears over painful stories, but in each class I’ve been thrilled to see how students come together to support true writing communities.

Students who have taken my classes have gone on to publish their poems in journals, get into graduate creative writing programs, and have been hired in a variety of jobs including at the local NPR radio station, the local newspaper, and various non-profits like the Juneau Arts Council. A number of them have been hired into well-paying state and federal jobs in marketing departments, human resources, and other departments looking for strong writing and communication skills.


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