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What if a student in my class needs accommodation?

Should a student in your class require an academic accommodation (e.g. extended testing time, note-taking assistance, etc.), a notification letter will be sent to you from the DS office which identifies the student and the accommodations requested. If a student approaches you requesting accommodations based on a disability but does not have a notification letter from this department, please refer the student to DS.

Please Use a Syllabus Statement

To learn about the resources available at UAS to assist students with disabilities in their academic studies, contact Disability Services at 907-796-6000 or

To inform students of this department, it is recommended that the following be included in your first class session announcements and on your syllabus:

If you experience a disability and would like information about accommodations, please contact Disability Services, located at the Student Resource Center in the Mourant building, by phone 907-796-6000 or e-mail

Including a link or URL address to the Disability Services homepage is also recommended:

Faculty Resources

Additional Information

Disability Services serves as a resource for questions regarding academic accommodations including those relating to technology, and other disability issues. If you have any questions or concerns about serving students with disabilities or would like more information on a specific disability related issue please contact our office at 907-796-6000 or email us at