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Global Education Oregon (GEO)

Matched language and course studies informed and inspired by location: city, town, and country.

What is GEO?

GEO offers a multitude of site-specific study abroad opportunities for students. Programs vary in length from semester-based (15 weeks), quarter terms (10 weeks), and summer options which range from three to eight weeks. Course selection is created with the location in mind and many include foreign language study opportunities at all levels. Excursions are included in the academic program and are often the highlight of the study away experience.

Program examples include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Italian Language and Culture, Media Studies, Food and Wine Marketing, Studio Arts
  • Spanish Immersion, Language and Culture
  • Liberal Arts in London
  • Non-profits and Social Change in Chile, Language and Society
  • Global Health and Development in Ghana
  • Immigration, Nationalism and Border Politics in Morocco
  • French Immersion
  • Art in Athens
  • Sustainable Development in Latin America
  • Special Education in Mexico
  • Sports Business Global Studies in Germany and the Netherlands

Visit the GEO web site for more information as well as to complete the GEO online application.