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International Student Exchange Program (ISEP)

Enthusiasm and passport needed: With ISEP, you can study abroad for a semester, full academic year or during the summer in over 50 different countries.

What is ISEP?

ISEP- Exchange Information

UAS and ISEP screen applicants thoroughly. Applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • 2.75 cumulative UAS GPA with some ISEP locations requiring a 3.0
  • Admitted full-time degree-seeking student
  • In good academic, judicial, and financial standing
  • Minimum of 24 earned baccalaureate credits at the time of exchange (16 of which must be from UAS)
ISEP has a $100 non-refundable application fee. At the time of acceptance, students will then pay an additional $395 as a non-refundable placement fee.

UA students (UAS, UAA, UAF) pay a flat fee to UAS for the ISEP exchange. The fee covers tuition, general fees, housing and a food stipend at the exchange location. Travel expenses, international insurance, some course fees, and personal costs are to be covered by the applicant.

Estimated cost for 2022-23 academic year: $11,500 per semester to be paid to UAS

Estimated cost for 2023-24 academic year: $11,500 per semester to be paid to UAS

UA scholarships, tuition waivers, loans, grants and scholarships may be used by ISEP participants. Most financial aid will apply to the ISEP program. For more details be sure to visit with a UAS Financial Aid representative.

Scholarship Opportunity

UAS Student Government has allocated funds for two $1000 per semester ISEP exchange scholarships, for a total of $2000.These scholarships are only for full-year exchanges participants, not for one semester exchanges.

Course selection is a part of the application process yet ISEP participants will not register for courses until in country. Hence the need for flexibility and open-mindedness. General education, major, minor, and elective courses may be taken and will be recorded on the UAS transcript. The host institution will send a transcript to ISEP, which in turn will mail it to UAS. The courses are then listed on the UAS transcript with grades, number of credits, and cumulative grade point average.

ISEP application is on-line. It consists of personal paperwork combined with faculty references, an essay, photos, and more. Allow at least a month to complete the process. Also note that all applications need to be reviewed and approved by the Academic Exchange office one week before the ISEP web deadline. 

Deadline for Fall and academic year programs is March 1. The deadline for Spring programs is September 15.

ISEP-Direct Information

Program Costs

  • Application: ISEP application fee is $100. UAS has an additional $75 fee.
  • Tuition, fees, housing and meals are paid directly to ISEP. Each site has a different cost and may have varying housing and meal options.
  • Financial Aid can apply.

Deadline Date

Varies from site to site. Be sure to check out ISEP Direct Deadlines for details.

How to Apply

The ISEP application is on-line and includes a process of personal paperwork combined with faculty references, an essay, photos, and more. Allow at least one month to complete the process. Note that all applications need to be reviewed and approved by the Academic Exchange office one week before the ISEP Direct Deadlines.