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Campus Master Plan

UAS is working on updating our facility and infrastructure masterplan.


UAS is working on updating our facility and infrastructure masterplan. This process began with hiring consultant, Jensen Yorba Wall who has teamed with DLR Group and Welsh/Whitely Architects to help us review our facilities and infrastructure, collect relevant data and comments from users of UAS facilities, and develop an updated masterplan document.

Project Contact and Feedback

If you would like additional information about the masterplan or the masterplanning process, please contact Sam Kito III at

Policy Guidance

University of Alaska Board of Regents Policy 5.12.050 requires each university campus to update its infrastructure masterplan every 5-7 years. Due to budget challenges facing the university in 2019, UAS requested that our masterplan update be delayed. That delayed masterplan process has started up again, and will continue through this academic year, with the goal of presenting the updated masterplan to the University of Alaska Board of Regents during their June 2022 meeting.

Project Scope

The masterplan scope includes a review of all of the facilities and infrastructure associated with the University of Alaska Southeast campuses. Soliciting input from campus users and stakeholders to identify what is working, what is not working, getting ideas for how facilities and infrastructure can be managed into the future, and development of a planning document that will help guide facility and infrastructure management for at least the next ten years.

Previous Master Plan

Project Schedule

  • September–November – Analysis and Assessment
    • Mid-September 2021 – Project Kick-off stakeholder meetings;
    • Mid-October 2021 — Touchstone Conference Call #1;
    • Mid-November 2021 – Campus Milestone Stakeholder Meeting Series #2;
  • November–January – Big Ideas and Concepts.
    • Mid-December 2021 – Touchstone Conference Call #2;
    • Mid-January 2022 – Campus Milestone Stakeholder Meeting Series #3
  • January–March – Preliminary Plan and Implementation.
    • Mid-February 2022 – Touchstone Conference Call #3;
    • Mid-March 2022 – Campus Milestone Stakeholder Meeting Series #4;
  • April-June – Documentation and Presentation
    • Early-April 2022 – Draft Campus Masterplan delivered;
    • Mid-April 2022 – Campus Milestone Stakeholder Meeting Series #5;
    • Mid-June 2022 – Final Report Delivered to UA Board of Regents.

Past Project Meeting Information

Master Plan Advisory Committee10/01/2021Video for Master Plan Advisory CommitteeAudio for Master Plan Advisory CommitteeTranscript for Master Plan Advisory Committee
Facilities Planning & Construction10/01/2021Video for Facilities Planning & ConstructionAudio for Facilities Planning & Construction
Staff Open House10/01/2021Video for Staff Open HouseAudio for Staff Open HouseTranscript for Staff Open House
TEC Juneau10/01/2021Video for TEC JuneauAudio for TEC JuneauTranscript for TEC Juneau
Faculty Senate10/01/2021Video for Faculty SenateAudio for Faculty SenateTranscript for Faculty Senate
Sitka Campus Advisory Council10/01/2021Video for Sitka Campus Advisory CouncilAudio for Sitka Campus Advisory CouncilTranscript for Sitka Campus Advisory Council
Sitka Community Open House10/01/2021Video for Sitka Community Open HouseAudio for Sitka Community Open HouseTranscript for Sitka Community Open House
Ketchikan Open House10/01/2021Video for Ketchikan Open HouseAudio for Ketchikan Open HouseTranscript for Ketchikan Open House
Capitol Chat 10/01/2021Audio for Capitol Chat