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Faculty Handbooks

UAS maintains two types of faculty handbooks – one for full-time faculty and one for part-time, adjunct faculty. These documents provide faculty with the resources necessary to be successful in their roles as at UAS. Everything in the handbooks arises from University of Alaska Board of Regents policies and regulations, UAS policies, and faculty collective bargaining agreements.

Other important materials regarding University planning and governance reside within UAS websites such as the Provost's Office, the Chancellor's Office, and the Faculty Senate website. Faculty are encouraged to visit these websites to be apprised of strategic planning, budget issues, and other matters of importance.

Full-time Faculty

Full-time faculty form the foundation of UAS. Along with providing instruction, they also play important leadership roles in research, service, shared governance, faculty recruitment and evaluation, and much more. The UAS Faculty Handbook is a comprehensive document detailing these importance processes and is intended to be the primary resource for full-time faculty.

Current Faculty Handbook

Adjunct Faculty

Adjunct faculty play a major role in helping UAS achieve its mission. They comprise the majority of instructors at UAS, making possible the wide diversity of subjects and degrees available for learning. As part-time employees, they have different needs and priorities than other faculty. The UAS Adjunct Handbook reflects this difference. It contains important contact information for questions about instruction, instructional technology, administrative procedures, and more.

UAS Adjunct Faculty Handbook


The UAS faculty handbooks are reviewed and updated annually. The full-time Faculty Handbook is updated by an ad hoc working group created by the Faculty Senate President and Provost. This group’s recommended changes are forwarded to Faculty Senate for action no later than their regular May meeting. Once approved by the Chancellor, the resulting final handbook is posted on the Web. 

The Adjunct Faculty Handbook is updated by the Provost’s Office, in collaboration with the Adjunct Faculty Union President. 

Archived Versions of the Faculty Handbook