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Information for Parents

The First Year Experience program at UAS is designed to facilitate the transition of your student or students to the culture of Higher Education and the Juneau community. Our mission is to help your student persist, succeed academically and socially, and through collaboration with staff and faculty across campus, engage in holistic development throughout their first year on campus. 

The FYE team includes staff from academic advising, admissions, student activities, residence life, and faculty members that teach introductory classes. Each member of that team has a special passion for the needs of first year students and the opportunity that they represent. In addition, non-first year students enhance our program by serving as peer mentors, providing peer-level guidance and support that can make a huge impact upon the lives of your student.

If you’re looking into how you can work with UAS more broadly to serve your student’s needs, please visit the Parents and Counselors main page.


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