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Grants Manual

Manual for research /sponsored projects

GM 1Purpose and Scope of Office
GM 2Proposal Process
GM 3Awards
GM 4PI Responsibilities
GM 5School Department Responsibilities
GM 6Time Limitations
GM 7Budgets and Program Income
GM 8Project Expenditures
GM 9Approval of Charges & Revisions to Projects
GM 10Unallowable Costs
GM 11Subrecipients
GM 12Non-Expendable Property
GM 13Cost Share/Match
GM 14Cost Transfers:   Journal Vouchers
GM 15Cost Transfers:  Labor Reallocations
GM 16Effort Reporting and Certification
GM 17Billing and Financial Reporting
GM 18Facilities & Administrative Rates
GM 19Foundation Awards
GM 20Grant Restricted Fund Setup
GM 21Grant Closeout & No Cost Extension
GM 22Allowance for Grant Write-Offs
GM 23Records Retention and Disposition Schedule


UA Sponsored Program Compliance