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Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)

Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) is available for everyone with a UA account (students, faculty, and staff). This system enhances the security of UA accounts using secondary account confirmation powered by Duo, using a tablet, mobile phone, landline, or USB security key. Students may also use SMS texting and Touch ID. This affects all systems within the UA Single Sign-on: UAOnline, Banner, UA Google, Blackboard, and Zoom. Anyone can elect to turn on MFA in ELMO Security Settings. In the Multi-Factor Authentication section, click the Enable multi-factor authentication button to connect your account. If MFA has already been enabled, this will instead provide information and allow the generation of temporary security codes.

Some best practices:

  • Have MFA set up on a device you'll always have on hand.
  • A personal device is not required. MFA can be configured to call an assigned campus phone or use a dedicated USB security key.
  • Always have a backup. If you misplace your phone or USB key, you'll want a backup device to expedite removing lost items (Directions for adding backup devices).
  • After changing any devices, update your Duo profile (Directions for Duo Mobile app)

We recommend MFA on all accounts, including students. This option can be enabled in ELMO ( by signing in, selecting Security Settings in the upper left, and clicking the Enable MFA checkbox. Duo setup will occur the next time the account is logged in.

Enable multifactor authentication through UAS ELMO

For more information about setup and other documentation, see OIT's website: