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Updating your current password

Simply visit ELMO and use Option 1 to sign in. Once authenticated, update your password! Be sure to see the issues & workarounds below in case they apply.

Forgot your password?

If you are unable to remember your password, use Option 2 or Option 3 in ELMO to search for your account or update your password.

Password Changing Issues & Workarounds

How to Avoid the Trap

Occasionally, when you access UAS Online you will be informed that your password is about to expire, at which point you will be redirected to ELMO where you can change your password. This can cause you problems with connections to UAS services on your computer.

If you are...Then you should...
Logged on to a campus computer while on campusAfter changing your password, immediately log off of the computer and log back on using your new password.
Logged on to a campus laptop that is off-campusWhile off-campus, continue using your old password to sign into the machine only (web services will use the updated password.) When available, bring the computer back to campus and log on using your new password; this will update the cached account on the machine.
Using a personal computer on campusDisconnect and re-add any shared drives or mapped printers using your new password.