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Build Request Form

IT Services uses this form to schedule build requests for departmentally purchased computers. If you have a new computer, an old computer that needs an update, or need a build on a computer for any other reason, please submit the Build Request form below. The IT Services build includes a bundle of our most commonly used software and strategies to back up data stored on your Desktop and Documents folders.

More information about our builds and centrally managed computers.

  1. Please read, complete, and submit the Build Request form.
  2. The form will be reviewed within one business day by the Helpdesk.
  3. The Helpdesk will notify you when the form is approved and follow up with you to determine a schedule. The service date will be entered into the Helpdesk's calendar.
  4. A work order is entered on the service date and the computer will be picked up or dropped off (depending on what was arranged during the follow-up).
  5. Work should be completed within 4 business days of scheduled service. The Helpdesk can provide updates on the work status at your request.

UAS ITS will make every effort to place the staff/faculty build on departmentally purchased hardware, but cannot guarantee that it will work with every device. Departments should be aware that they may need to return the device(s) if found to be incompatible with our build or assume responsibility for them as departmentally managed computers.

Note that all university-purchased Macs are departmentally managed computers.

Before you fill out this Build Request Form, please consider which build is best for you: Virtual or Non-Virtual (more information on our Centrally Managed Computers page.

If you have any questions about this form or process, please give us a call at x6400.