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Adding Attachments

This tutorial will demonstrate how to add an attachment to your portfolio item. Make sure that your cursor is in the Item Content Field and click on the Add attachment link, located under the Item Content Field.

Add Attachment Link

The portfolio system allows you to attach documents, images, and videos to your items. You can also upload entire zip archives (for more information on uploading zipped files see the tutorial on uploading compressed folders.) Select the type of file that you want to upload and click Next.

Upload New Material

Choose how you want the file to be placed in your portfolio and click the Next button. You can choose to display the item as an object or as a hyperlink. An object is similar to a hyperlink but adds additional information such as file size and the date it was uploaded.

Upload Options
Object vs. Hyperlink

You can upload video files in the following formats: QuickTime (.mov), Windows Media (.wmv), RealPlayer (.rm), and Flash (.swf) Whether you embed the media player in the browser or place it as an object or hyperlink, users must have the media player for the associated file type installed on their computer to view the video. Embedded .wmv or .rm will be streamed. QuickTime does a "progressive download" to display the video.

Upload New Movie
Upload Movie Options

When the Select Files dialog box appears, click on the Choose File box to select the file you want to upload. The name of the selected file will appear automatically in the Title/Caption field and can be modified if needed.

Select Files

To upload multiple files at once click on the Add another file link and select a second file. To upload the file(s) click on the Upload button.

Add Another File

The Uploading dialog box is displayed while your file is being uploaded. File upload times will vary depending on your file size and the speed of your internet connection.


When the upload is complete click on the Close Window button. The address to your uploaded file is provided in the URL field.

Upload Complete

The attachment has now been added to your item content and is displayed in brackets.

Item Content Attachment

After the attachment has been added to the Item Content field you must Post or Repost to complete the process. If you are not ready for others to view the item save it as a draft with the Save button.

Post or Repost