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Page Design

Manage Page - Page Design

Page Design provides tools to arrange your navigation, edit colors and fonts, and post a background image. Other options that will affect page display can be viewed on the Page Content tab at the bottom of the Title & Description area.

Page Navigation

This section allows you to customize how navigation menus (page right) display, and how much control over what you have.  

  • Condensed: Lists the immediate subpages by ID, in sequential order.
  • Bulleted List: Lists the subpages by Title, in a list.
  • Table of Contents: Lists all subpages by Title in an indented list.  

Customized Navigation allows you to set a personalized link, and change the settings of subfolders to this page. 

Font & Colors

This section allows you to customize the appearance of the text and background. You can also reset back to the default at any time.  

Background Image

This section allows you to set the background of your portfolio as an image.  Click Browse to upload an image, select the appropriate light level, then click Save.

Page Design