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Course Security Settings

Manage Page - Security Settings- Course

The default security settings set here apply to all portfolios created within the course.

  • General Access: Unrestricted - Anyone can view these portfolios
  • Reviewers: Members of the course
  • Importers: No Access
  • Graders: Instructors of the course
  • Co-Authors: No Access

These can all be set to:

  • Unrestricted: any account, whether authenticated or not
  • Any UAS Account: only active UAS accounts can access
  • Only class (everyone): only members of the class can access, including students, TAs, and instructors
  • Only class (instructor): only instructors of the class can access
  • No Access: only you have access to your portfolio
  • Specific users: click Browse: All Accounts to find specific people and grant them access. A separate link is provided to search only the class.

Course Security