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Security Settings - Personal Page

Manage Page - Security for Personal Page

The default settings for your portfolio mean anyone can view it, but not edit, review, or grade it.

The access types are:

  • General Access: View only
  • Reviewers: leave comments on portfolio items. Also grants access to the wiki, weblog, and forum.
  • Importers: copy the contents of the portfolio to their own
  • Graders: create and edit the assessment of the portfolio
  • Co-Authors: access as if they were the owner. They can create and remove items. They default to having access to your attachments, but this can be turned off with the Restrict access button.

Access can be set to:

  • Unrestricted: any account, whether authenticated or not
  • Any UAS Account: only active UAS accounts can access
  • No Access: only you have access to your portfolio
  • Specific users: click Browse: All Accounts to find specific people and grant them access. This can be friends, classmates, or anyone with a UAS account

General Access




Importers, Graders, and Co-Authors