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Portfolio Forums

Creating a Forum in your ePortfolios

Forums can be enabled from any portfolio page. To create a forum go to the Manage Page link at the top right corner of your portfolio.

Scroll down to Forum and click to open the window. Click on the checkbox to Display a forum on this page and hit Save. The configuration page will allow you to set the following:

Show Recent -- The homesite will display the last few active posts. By keeping the number between 5 – 7, your window should stay reasonably small.

Dormant -- Topics become dormant after a certain amount of time that you set. Dormancy takes the topic off the active list. They can still be viewed by clicking on the View Dormant Topics in the index.

Allow Reviewers -- Allow reviewers to create topics.  Check this if you want other users to be able to create topics.

Users with General Access can view content and Reviewers can post. You can review security settings by clicking the Security Setting tab at the top of the page (under Manage Page). Without Reviewer access, your users will not be able to post responses.

Participants in forums have the option of receiving immediate or digest email notifications of new content. A digest notification will send a single email message summarizing new content in all forums since the last digest was sent. They can turn on subscriptions from the bottom of the forum window.


You can use the Invitation feature of portfolios to send out e-mail notices for the forum you would like people to participate in. The link to create the Invitation is located at the bottom right of the page with the forum on it.

Managing Forums

The Manage Thread Link is composed of the following commands:

Change the name of the thread. All sub-threads will also change.

Move the thread to a new Item. You can rename it before or after moving.

Move the thread to another thread. It can be in a different Item.

Prevent any more discussion of this thread.

Delete the thread. It can not be restored.

Open the topic with the Map View and determine what thread you wish to move. In this example, we will move the “Mini Fun” thread with its four messages.

Forum Map

Next, click on Move Link.

Manage Thread

The following message will pop up:

Move This Post

Click OK. Go to your index and you will see the thread as a separate topic

Topic Index