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UA Google

The University of Alaska provides all students, staff, and faculty with a UA Google account. Access is primarily through the webmail interface, though it can be configured to work with various email clients. The Statewide Office of Information Technology has provided documentation on common questions and issues.

Because these accounts are run through Google, you will have full access to Google Apps, including Mail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, etc.

All email aliases (,,, and will be forwarded to your Email Destination set in ELMO.

Employees can also update available email aliases from the Email Destination page in ELMO or by logging in directly. This page generates a list of available alternatives such as or If there are additional aliases you would like to use, please contact the Helpdesk. Please note: once activated, these aliases will be permanently assigned to your UA email account.

Accessing your Email

Step one: Get your UA username and set your password

If you haven't already done so, visit ELMO to look up your username and set your password. You will then be able to change your account security settings and set your preferred email destination.

You can also use ELMO to update your password at any time, such as if you forget it, it expires, or you suspect it has been compromised.

Step two: Set up your email

Webmail users can access their email at UA Google webmail without setting it up. Users on UAS-managed computers can easily configure Outlook to recognize their Google accounts (see UA Google Access tab).

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