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Email Management

E-mail management is important because it allows for efficient inbox use and avoidance of lost emails during crucial moments. A few simple measures will ensure that your e-mail is decluttered and message-ready. While UA Google does not have a mailbox limit, a cluttered inbox makes it difficult to keep track of emails.

For Employees, ITS recommends separating Work and Personal/Student emails with appropriate Google Labels, Folders, or Departmental accounts. The contents of your UA Google email regarding employee information are considered University property and must be retained by the University past employment. Upon request at the termination of the contract, ITS can separate the Work contents of the account.

Screen messages in the inbox regularly to help prevent clutter. Keeping your inbox clear makes it clear what emails have been dealt with, and what still needs to be addressed.

Create a folder structure to organize your emails. This makes it easier to find the specific email you're looking for and gives you a reference point for how much content a topic receives.

Some folders such as Trash and Drafts accumulate a lot of messages that are no longer needed. Delete the contents of these folders regularly.

Recommended Outlook Settings:

Enable "Send immediately when connected" (File > Options > Advanced > Send and receive > check Send immediately when connected)

Send and Receive menu

Choose "HTML" for Compose in this message format. (File -> Options -> Mail > Compose messages > select HTML from the list)

Format messages as HTML

Disable AutoArchive (Folder tab > AutoArchive Settings > select Do not archive items in this folder)

Disable Autoarchive

Disable Outlook Junk Mail Filtering (Home tab > Junk Email > Junk Email Options... > select No Automatic Filtering)

Disable Outlook Junk Filters

Automatically Send/Receive every 5 minutes (Send/Receive tab > Send/Receive Groups > Define Send/Receive Groups > Perform an automatic send/receive every 5 minutes)

Automatic Send/Receive

Set Google Mailbox to Unlimited (lower-right corner of Windows > right-click the Google Workspace Sync tool on the taskbar > select Set Mailbox Size, select Unlimited)

Unlimited Mailbox Size