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UAS provides audio conferencing services through our Cisco telephone system: Conference Now. Every campus phone number can be used to generate a conference room to collaborate with your peers, on and off campus.

Connecting to a conference

  1. Dial 907-796-6600 (or 6600 if using a campus phone)
  2. Input the meeting number followed by the pound (#) symbol
  3. Input the PIN if you are the meeting host, otherwise press (#) to continue
  4. As an attendee, input the attendee access code, followed by the pound (#) symbol

Please be aware

  • Attendees who join a conference before the host arrives will be placed on hold (with music) and automatically join the conference when the host arrives.
  • You will hear tones when attendees join/exit a conference.
  • The conference will end after the last participant leaves.
  • Hosts can initiate a conference from any phone (cell phones, campus phones, etc.).
  • Conferences can support up to 24 participants (this can be increased if needed).
  • Meeting numbers are comprised of two zeros preceding the host's extension: 00XXXX.

How do I set up or change my host PIN and attendee access code?

  1. Log into the Self Care Portal with your UA credentials
    Self Care Portal login
  2. Select the General Settings tab.
    General Settings tab
  3. The Phone Services PIN section is where you set up or change your host PIN.
    Phone Services PIN
  4. The "Conference Now" section is where you set up or change the Attendees Access Code (Note: the meeting number cannot be changed).
    Conference Number and Access Code