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UAS has transitioned our phone systems to accommodate the State of Alaska change to mandatory 10-digit dialing. Internal calls can still use 4-digit extensions. 7-digit dialing is no longer available. (More information)


Cisco Unified IP Phone 7942GUAS Campuses utilize Cisco IP Phones associated with personnel to manage internal and external calls, as well as our voicemail system. A campus phone can have multiple phone lines or call pickup groups. Voicemail is associated with an employee's account and email, not the physical phone, and will receive email notifications even if the phone is unplugged or otherwise unavailable. These phones are managed within the department. For questions, please contact the UAS Helpdesk.

Dialing an Outside Line

All phone users (Ketchikan, Sitka, and Juneau) dial 8 - 1 for an outside line, followed by the full 10-digit phone number.

  • Example: 8 1 123 456 7890

This was implemented to avoid misdialing 911, 988, or other national dialing codes, and required by the State of Alaska as of October 24th, 2021. Dialing a 7-digit number ceased to function beyond that point.


Voicemail within the Cisco phone system is accessible through the Cisco Unity Connection Web Inbox (Firefox recommended, VPN is required off campus).

When a new voicemail message is left at your phone number an email message will also be sent to your email account. This email message will include a copy of the voicemail message (as an audio file attachment) as well as a link to the Cisco Web Inbox. If the phone system detects that you have unread messages in your Cisco Web Inbox, a red light will display on your phone. Messages in your Cisco Web Inbox will be deleted after 14 days, but the copy of the voicemail message sent to your email account will remain.

You can also check your voicemail by:

  1. Dial 5555 from a campus phone
    • From off-campus, dial 907-796-5555.
  2. Press *
  3. Enter your 10-digit number followed by # (ex 907-796-6400#)
  4. Then enter your PIN followed by # (123456#)

For more information or print and reference the Cisco function PDF quick sheet.

Note that voicemail is tied to user accounts and not physical phones. Voicemail will continue to route to email, even if the phone is disabled.

Single Number Reach

Single Number Reach (SNR) allows users to answer calls to their extension on a personal device, such as a cell phone. Once set up, the SNR will ring both on your work phone, and on your personal device. This keeps the call within the UA phone system, including our Cisco voicemail system should you miss the call. This is different than Call Forwarding, which redirects the call completely to your outside phone provider.

SNR can be set up for a campus phone upon request to the Helpdesk ( Please include the 7-digit work phone number and 10-digit personal phone number.

Once it's been set up, SNR can be freely managed by logging into the Self Care Portal with UA credentials. From the default My Phones page, under Additional Phones, click the gear icon and select Edit. Adjustments can be made here to: change connected phone line, enable/disable SNR, schedule ring-through hours, and Save these changes.

To disable SNR, log into the Self Care Portal, click the gear icon, and deselect the "Enable Single Sign on Reach" checkbox and Save the change.