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Dealing with Pop-ups

Enabling Pop-ups in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge

To allow pop-ups for specific websites please follow these steps:

In the examples for UAS Courses below, you'll want to add "" and "".

Google Chrome

Google Chrome prevents pop-ups from automatically appearing and cluttering your screen. Whenever the browser blocks pop-ups for a site, an icon appears on the top-right in the address bar. Click the icon, and check 'Always allow pop-ups from 'website address'. To see blocked pop-ups for a site, follow the steps listed below.

  1. Type the following into the address bar in Chrome: chrome://settings/content/popups
  2. In the Allow section, click the Add button
  3. Enter the website address, then click Add


  1. Access the page that generates the pop-up and click the link
  2. Firefox creates a prompt at the top of the page: "Firefox prevented this site from opening a pop-up window"
  3. Click the Options button on the right
  4. Select "Allow pop-ups for"


Safari only allows you to have the pop-up blocker turned on or off.

  1. Open up your Safari Web browser,
  2. While on, go to the Safari menu and choose Preferences,
  3. Then Websites and open Pop-up Windows,
  4. Under 'Currently Open Websites' open the drop-down menu next to and select 'Allow'
  5. Click on the red circle located in the upper left-hand corner to close the window.

Microsoft Edge

  1. Open Microsoft Edge and click the three dots in the upper right corner,
  2. Click on "Settings" and then search "Pop-ups and redirects" in the settings menu,
  3. Click on "Pop-ups and redirects" and then click the "Add" button next to "Allow".
  4. In the site bar enter "" and press "Add".
  5. Repeat the above steps to add "" as well.