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Software Center

What is the Software Center?

Software Center is an application installed on up-to-date UAS Build Computers to provide ease of access when installing and uninstalling software needed for everyday use. This includes, but is not limited to Foxit PDF Editor, Read&Write, Toad, Lockdown Browser, and Zoom. Contact the Helpdesk if you do not see the application you need listed in the Software Center.

How to use the Software Center

Locating the Software Center

Navigate to the Windows Start Menu and search "Software Center".
Select the Software Center Icon or choose Open from the navigation menu.
Search Software Center from the navigation menu.

Applications Menu

The Applications tab provides a list of software that is available for your current account.

  • Note that available software is dependent upon your role in the university. You may see different applications based on multiple factors, including department, student, or employee status.
  • Also keep in mind that the Software Center is designed to work from the university network. Install software from campus or use our VPN for the best results.

To install software, select the appropriate software icon for installation options.
Review the software available to you from the Software Center Applications menu.

Installing Software

After you have selected an application to install, select "Install" to acquire the software that you need. The Software Center will do the rest!
Install software by selecting the software that you need and choosing Install.

Installation Status

Review the "Installation Status" menu option to see a list of software installed on your device. All standardized applications will be on the list, in addition to any additional software that you have installed. If you no longer need that software on your computer, you can uninstall the device by selecting the application from the list and choosing Uninstall.
Check out your list of software from the Installation Status menu option.