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UAS Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Michael CiriThe Vice Chancellor for Administration serves as the CIO and CFO for UAS. As CIO, the Vice Chancellor is responsible and accountable for ensuring:

  • the security and integrity of sensitive data stored in, transmitted through, or manipulated by UAS information systems;
  • compliance with UA Information Resources policies and regulation;
  • conformance with UA approved IT standards;
  • technical compliance with state and federal regulation, under the advisement of UA General Counsel and appropriate university officers;

In performing these functions, the CIO will:

  1. advise the UAS leadership in matters related to information technology systems and services;
  2. be responsible for the university core information systems and services infrastructure;
  3. participate in the development and implementation of system-wide information technology standards;
  4. oversee budget development, allocation coordination, and implementation of information technology capacities;
  5. represent UAS with external information technology and telecommunications agencies and companies;
  6. ensure effective procedures and controls for telecommunications, hardware and software purchases, and software license compliance;
  7. develop and maintain consistent measures for delivery of information technology services across the system;
  8. coordinate with the campuses for planning and adopting best practices in the management of information technologies and services.

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