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Distribution of Support Responsibilities

The University of Alaska has support staff at the system, region and campus levels. Support staff collaborate to provide the systems and services needed by the University community. While campus users typically receive support from the staff closest to where they work, the decision making and system management are often assigned far from the local campus.

UA System Staff

Most UA system staff are located in Fairbanks. Their responsibilities include the UA WAN, commodity Internet access, the UA ERP (Banner) and related systems which provides the Student Information, Human Resources, and Finance systems used across the UA System. The UA System staff coordinate with the UAS Director of IT Services to ensure consistent standards and service delivery.

Regional Staff

UAS has staff with regional IT responsibility located in Juneau. These include the regional IT Director, Information Systems, Infrastructure and IT/Media Managers. Regional responsibilities: include IT security, user account provisioning, server management (including web services, course management tools, email, etc.), IT Helpdesk, telephone services, and development of desktop computer “builds.” The regional staff are expected to collaborate with both campus and UA system staff to ensure consistent levels of services.

Campus Staff

Each UAS campus location has local staff to address the day-to-day technical operations. These responsibilities include installing and maintaining telephones, desktop computers, classroom equipment, network equipment, and related systems and peripherals. Campus staff are expected to conform to regional standards to ensure consistency in function, security and availability. In addition, campus staff are expected to contribute their expertise in refining and improving the regional standards and work processes.