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Support for UAA/UAF/SW Employees

On occasions, UA employees from the other MAUs may be located on a UAS campus.  In such cases, they enjoy many, but not all, of the services available to UAS employees:

  1. Telephone/voice mail services are provided at $348 per year, billed annually.  This cost includes a single data connection delivered through the telephone handset.
  2. Additional data services are provided at $120 per year per data connection.
  3. Microcomputer hardware, software licensing, peripherals and support are provided by the employee’s campus/department.
  4. Helpdesk support is available at no additional cost; however, specific questions may need to be referred to the employee’s campus/department.
  5. Classroom equipment such as projectors and mobile laptop carts are available provided their use is consistent with the intent of the equipment. 
  6. Checkout equipment which is available to UAS staff may be used by staff from other campuses.