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Web Site Management

UAS ITS Service Agreement

Revised: May 24, 2010
Service Area
Information Systems
Service Needed
Web Site Management
Department Role
  • Ensure accuracy of site information
  • Designate staff responsible for site maintenance and allocate time for CMS training
  • Using the CMS web interface, create pages and update page content
IT Services Role
  • Maintain web servers and web site addresses
  • Ensure site data is backed up to ensure business continuity
  • Program the CMS and design site templates to support marketing/communication goals and diverse page types
  • In coordination with the Public Information Office, provide training in the CMS to department staff
Service Outcome

UAS ITS Assessment Plan

Revised: May 24, 2010
Service Area
Information Systems
Service Needed
Web Site Management
Service Outcome
  • Web content is up-to-date and easy to maintain
  • Control of page content is distributed throughout UAS
  • Pages have a consistent “look and feel”
  • Website navigation maintains a consistent and logical pattern
  • Pages reflect the marketing and communication plans
Administrative Services Mission Alignment
  • Effective and Efficient Practices:  Yes ✅
  • Fostering Cooperation:  Yes ✅
  • Compliance:  Yes ✅
IT Services Success Indicators
  • 99.5% uptime supported on the primary UAS Web site
  • 99.5% uptime supported on the CMS site
  • 90% of template change requests completed in 1 week or less
Data Collection and Analysis Procedures
  • ITS Work Order creation and completion dates are compared on an ongoing basis.  Overall success is measured by a quarterly comparison of performance data.
  • Server uptime automatically measured using the ITS performance monitoring system (What's Up Gold)
Utilization of Results

Failure to meet success objective will trigger a remediation strategy depending on the cause of the failure:

  • Employee performance: increase oversight, training and accountability measures.
  • Resource allocation: evaluate staffing levels and consider temporary or long-term internal reallocation.
  • Internal process / workflow: reassess processes and service strategies
Reporting Strategy

To be determined.