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Broadcasting Campus Events

UAS ITS Service Agreement

Revised: December 9, 2008
Service Area
Media Services
Service Needed
Video capture/broadcasting of campus events
Department Role
  • Contact media services at least two weeks prior to the event
  • Select a venue that will support video capture and networking
  • Reserve the venue and coordinate all scheduling, set-up, etc.
  • Provide at least two hours of time for media staff to set up equipment
  • Obtain permission for use of intellectual / video content
  • Departments may be required to pay for media staff time and consumable materials.  Estimated costs:
    • Taping in Egan Lecture Hall: $130 per hour
    • Taping in Egan Library: $260 per hour
    • DVD post-production: $70
IT Services Role
  • Provide staff and set up production equipment prior to the event
  • Produce multi-camera, broadcast-quality program
  • If applicable, broadcast live via web stream / satellite television
  • Post recording on campus web servers for on-demand viewing
  • Distribute recording via media services production podcast
  • Produce a custom printed DVD with custom menu & case
Service Outcome

UAS ITS Assessment Plan

Revised: December 9, 2008
Service Area
Media Services
Service Needed
Video capture/broadcasting of campus events
Service Outcome

Campus events are:

  • available to a broader audience – both live and after the fact
  • retained for future use, either in the classroom or as a part of University archives
Administrative Services Mission Alignment
  • Effective and Efficient Practices:  Yes ✅
  • Fostering Cooperation:  Yes ✅
  • Compliance:  No
IT Services Success Indicators
  • 99% of requested events are captured and available in the requested media formats
  • 95% of the formats are available within 2 weeks of the recording date.
Data Collection and Analysis Procedures

All event requests are tracked.  Events are separated into the following categories:

  • Significant institutional events (e.g. Graduation, Convocation, Spring Forum)
  • General institutional events (e.g. Evening at Egan)
  • Departmental Events
  • External / Other

Event dates are compared to the posting/production dates for the media formats.  Data are monitored on an ongoing basis to ensure achievement of success indicators.

Utilization of Results

Failure to meet success objective will trigger a remediation strategy depending on the cause of the failure:

  • Employee performance: increase oversight, training and accountability measures.
  • Resource allocation: evaluate staffing levels and consider temporary or long-term internal reallocation.
  • Internal process / workflow: reassess processes and service strategies
Reporting Strategy

To be determined.