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Student Health Services

The Student Health Center is here to support you in reaching your goals while at the University of Alaska Southeast, and beyond. The Health Center exists because the Chancellor, faculty, and staff recognize the critically important role that vitality and health play in gaining lifelong happiness and success.


Your personal health information is considered protected health information by federal law. The UAS Health Clinic is committed to maintaining the privacy of your health information. During your first visit, you will receive our Notice of Use of Private Health Care Information which describes how medical information about you may be used and disclosed and what your rights are regarding your protected health information. Please talk with one of our staff if you have questions.

Appointments & Cancellations

  • Call 907-796-6000 to make an appointment.
  • You do not need to say why you need an appointment, but if you need a physical exam or have more than one concern, please ask for an hour long appointment.
  • When you check in for each appointment, you must show your UAS ID.
  • Students may have up to 6 appointments at the Health Center each semester.
  • Call in advance to cancel if you cannot make your appointment!


Any student who "no shows" for three (3) appointments in one semester will lose eligibility for that semester. In order to avoid a “no-show” on your record, simply call in advance of your appointment to cancel – even if it’s just a few minutes in advance. A voicemail is acceptable when date and time is included. There is a 10 minute grace period for all appointments.


Students taking at least one Juneau campus credit are eligible to use Health Center services.

UAS recognizes students taking classes from around the state, but living in Juneau, as campus partners. Students enrolled in at least six credits from any UA institution may opt to pay a $60 fee per semester to use the Health Center. Eligible students should visit the UAS Student Accounts office first to arrange payment.

Staff and faculty are not eligible to use the Health Center.


Tuberculosis (PPD) Testing

Students living on campus or working in certain fields are required to have an annual tuberculosis test. The UAS Health Clinic will provide one free test per student per year. Each tuberculosis test requires two appointments – a placement appointment and a follow up appointment. Students who miss the second appointment will be charged for a retest.

Test cost: $15.00

Chronic Pain Management

The UAS Health Clinic does not provide chronic pain management for students. Chronic pain management is defined as needing a controlled substance, such as a narcotic, to control persistent, ongoing pain. Chronic pain management needs must be met through an outside clinic or doctor. UAS is not responsible for assisting the student with finding a clinic or doctor to manage chronic pain needs.

Controlled Substances

Students receiving prescriptions for controlled substances through the UAS Health Clinic agree to abide by policies set forth under the University of Alaska Board of Regent’s Student Code of Conduct Category: Misuse of Alcohol or Other Intoxicant or Drugs. Students who violate this Code of Conduct may forfeit their right to UAS Health Clinic Services.