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Student Insurance

New Students

UAS does not offer a student health insurance plan and students are not required to possess insurance. However, students may obtain health insurance through the Marketplace, which offers lower health insurance premiums for Alaskans within certain income levels. By creating an account and applying for lower cost premiums, you will be able to compare and purchase health insurance plans that meet your needs.

You can sign up for insurance online at www.HealthCare.Gov or by calling 1-800-318-2596. For assistance with navigating the Marketplace call 211.

International Students

All international students on “F” visas are required to carry health insurance while attending UAS. The minimum coverage must include:

  • $50,000 Medical benefits per accident or illness
  • Deductible of $500 or less
  • Repatriation coverage of at least $7,500
  • Medical evacuation coverage of at least $10,000
  • Must be with a reputable health insurance provider

International students will be automatically enrolled in health insurance from LewerMark. The insurance premium will be added to students’ accounts at the beginning of the semester.

International students who already have health insurance should contact the Primary Designated School Official to request a waiver:

Your waiver request must include insurance that meets or exceeds the LewerMark plan and is valid in the United States. If you are submitting a U.S.-based insurance policy, it must be Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliant. Insurance documentation must be submitted in English and on file for each semester in attendance. If the university finds the insurance not reputable or adequate you will be automatically enrolled in health insurance from LewerMark.

Insurance plans offered by the following companies will not accepted in any circumstances to obtain a waiver: HCC, IMG, ISI, ISO, ISP, GBG, PGH, PSI.