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Room Condition Reports

Room Condition Forms

On or around your move-in day, you should have recieved a link to your Room Condition Report (RCR). This report is populated in a Google Sheet, and reflects all bedrooms within your unit.

Within 72 hours of move-in, please review the RCR carefully. Make comments on the Google Sheet if there are changes you would like to suggest. Staff follow up and accept or reject these changes, inspecting your unit when necessary.

After 72 hours has passed, your RCR will be considered accurate and you will be responsible for any damages your bedroom or common spaces after you move out.

Students placed within a temporary quarantine unit will not receive an RCR for that unit. Instead, you will have 72 hours to review your RCR once you move into your final placement.


Normal wear and tear is expected to occur within Housing Units, and from time to time you may require maintenance assistance.

Please do not hesitate to fill out a Work Order on the UAS Housing Website to ensure you avoid unnecessary damages, fees, or inconveniences.

This process allows us to provide the best facilities for our residents as well as properly maintain our units to avoid costly repairs.