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Adding Whalebucks Funds

Student Identification Cards - UAS Whale Card

Residents will need a Whale Card, or UAS student identification card, for building access, laundry system use, and to checkout items at Housing Desk locations.

Where to Get the ID Card

Residents may get their ID cards at UAS Student Accounts, located in the Novatney Building. Each student gets one card at no charge. Damaged cards may be submitted to Student Accounts for a replacement, i.e. magnetic strip quits working, the card gets cracked. Replacements for lost cards will incur a fee.

Residents’ Responsibilities with ID Cards

These ID cards are considered keys and should be treated as such. (See Keys.) Housing residents’ cards provide them with access to areas of Housing that may not be accessible to every resident or to other UAS non-resident students. These ID cards also allow users to load money to the Whalebucks account assigned to the card. Residents are not allowed to let others use their ID cards and should report lost or stolen cards as soon as possible to protect the security of the Housing community, as well as to protect the funds they have loaded onto the card.

What's the difference between "Dining Dollars" and "Whalebucks"?

Dining Dollars are used for food purchases only at the on-campus dining facilities as well as at the campus stores. They cannot be used for non-food purchases. In addition, Dining Dollars accounts do not carry over from one term to another.

Whale Bucks can be used at any of the campus stores as well as for housing laundry facilities.

How do I add Whalebucks?

There are a few different ways to add Whalebucks to the Whale Card:

  • Through the eAccounts website
  • Through the  iOS or Android mobile app
  • By visiting the Student Accounts office
  • By using the machines located at John Pugh Hall or at the Main Housing Lodge

Please note

  • Unused Whalebucks expire after 18 months
  • Unused Dining Dollars expire at the end of every term, and no refunds are available
  • There will be a $10 administrative fee for Whalebucks account refunds or transferring money from a UAA Wolf or UAF PolarExpress card

More Information

For more information regarding the UAS Whale Card, see the student accounts website.

Student Accounts Website