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Native Oratory Showcase

The 21st Annual Oratory Showcase

UAS is proud to host The 21st Annual Oratory Showcase, 2023! The theme is Wooch.Een, Working Together.

March 25, 2023 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM

3:45pm check-in for all participants at Egan Lecture Hall, room 112; available by zoom, open to the public.


A speech from memory or limited notes that demonstrates mastery in the art of public speaking using reasoning, elocution, and evidence to support the opinion. Topics may include, but are not limited to: subsistence, sovereignty, urban/rural conflicts, multilingualism, religious freedom, education, or traditional values. Make a strong use of supporting materials, elder’s teachings, cultural lore, published materials (magazines, newspapers, internet, etc.). Sources should be clearly cited during speech and included in notes or in manuscript.

Here are the following categories students can select from to use with their Oratory:

Dramatic Declamation

A recitation of an indigenous speech, or persuasive document. Presentation material may be edited, but should accurately convey the author’s intent.


A recitation of one or more indigenous stories. Each story should be published, recorded, or transcribed with permission from the author, clan, elder, or tribe when appropriate. If you plan on sharing more than one story, include transitions between literary works to show thematic interrelationship(s). Interpretation of 2 or more characters, appropriate costuming, limited props, and dramatic movement may be incorporated.

World Language

A presentation from memory or limited notes in a world language. A significant portion of the speech must be in a world language, leaving time for translation.

Registration for the 21st Annual Oratory Showcase

Registration will close as soon as 12 - 15 students register or by 3/24, 2pm, which ever happens first.

For more information please contact Kolene at