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UAS Student Organizations

Do you have an interest or hobby? Looking for a fun way to meet and hang out with other students who share your interests, make connections, and pad your resume? Check out the list of Active RSOs below!

Don't see the club you're looking for? Consider starting one of your own! The club registration process is easy, and as an official club you'll have access to resources not available to other groups on campus! For more information on starting clubs, see Registration tabs below.

Student Organization Information

Clubs are required to register themselves with SE&L every year. If your club has been registered in the past, you will be allowed to re-register each year by the end of September. For new clubs, you'll have the opportunity to register each Fall by the end of September. Spend time in the Spring recruiting for your club.

In order to meet the minimum qualifications, clubs must have three officer positions (President, Secretary, and Treasurer) a faculty/staff advisor, and be open to all UAS students. One person cannot hold more than one position.

Clubs must have a mission/purpose statement, goals and objectives, and hold regular meetings for general membership with notice on the Campus Calendar.

Important: Until each registration is complete, the club is considered inactive and will not be allowed to reserve rooms on campus or access its financial account.

You may update or change the information given in the form at any time by emailing the SE&L office.

  • "Campus club” means an organization whose membership is a combination of students and faculty, staff, alumni, and/or local community members with common goals and objectives.
  • “Student club” means an organization whose membership is solely students with common goals and objectives.
  • “Registered student organization” means an organization that has complied with the conditions set out in P09.07.040.B and C. and applicable MAU rules and procedures; registration provides a student organization the benefits set out in Regents' Policy 09.07.040.A.

President: the primary student contact for the student organization and the "external spokesperson" of the group who regularly interacts with other student organizations and University officials. They are the liaison between student organization and the advisor and other University or community contacts. The duties for this position should be tailored as the student organization deems necessary. The responsibilities of this position tend to include but are not limited to:

  • supervising all student organization meetings;
  • overseeing the process of student organization event planning;
  • completing all student organization purchase requests;
  • maintaining a current list of residences, email addresses, student ID numbers and phone numbers of the student organization officers, advisor and members;
  • submitting all required paperwork for student organization renewal;
  • holding a minimum of two meetings for the general membership per semester; and
  • submitting a semester and annual report of student organization activities.

Treasurer: all student organizations are required to elect or appoint a chief financial officer (Treasurer) to manage their financial matters. The treasurer should keep the officers and members informed about the student organization’s financial activities. The responsibilities of the treasurer include but are not limited to:

  • preparing the annual student organization budget;
  • monitoring the student organization’s budget;
  • completing an annual financial report for the student organization;
  • tending to the status of all purchase requests;
  • collecting funds and depositing to the student organization’s account;
  • paying bills;
  • keeping a record of all transactions, i.e. deposits, checks and adjusting entries; and
  • preparing monthly financial reports and documents to keep the student organization’s membership informed about the student organization’s financial situation.

Secretary: a person who assists with general club correspondence and funcitons within the organization. The responsibilities of the student organization secretary include but are not limited to:

  • taking minutes at every student organization meeting;
  • maintaining the student organization history for that academic year;
  • verifying all student organization purchase requests;
  • assisting with student organization projects where needed; and
  • maintaining communication between the student organization president and individual participants (this may include emails, letters, and phone calls).

Continuing clubs who fail to register for the following academic year by end of September of the Fall semester each year or fail to demonstrate activity for one full semester will go into "inactive" status. Inactive clubs  will not have access to any rights and privileges of official, registered clubs. Clubs will be notified of their inactive status. Appeals will be on a case by case basis. After one full calendar year of inactivity, any funds remaining in the club’s account will be returned to the Student Government general funds. In order to regain active status at any time during this year, clubs must complete the new club registration process and verify their status with the SE&L office.

Why Join a Student Club?

Student organizations are an essential part of campus life at the University of Alaska Southeast. Involvement in student organizations can enrich your experience as a UAS student and offer you the chance to develop leadership skills as well as strengthen your relationships with fellow students, your campus, and the Juneau community.

Joining or starting a club may help you:

  • Meet new people and make new friends
  • Make connections with UAS faculty and staff
  • Make connections within the Juneau community
  • Relieve stress
  • Add new skills and experiences to your resume

If you have any questions about student clubs, please contact the Student Engagement & Leadership Office.