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Run for Student Government!

The Student Government of the UAS Juneau Campus (SGUAS-JC) is holding elections for the 2022-2023 school year. If you want a chance to represent and serve your fellow students, we have several positions available, including:

  • Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Public Relations Officer
  • Senator (two positions open)

The deadline to submit your election packet for this election is September 16. Elections will be held from September 26 through 28. More information will be released throughout the election period.

If you are interested in running in this election, please view our candidacy requirements, commitments, and position descriptions located below.

You can access the election packet here.

Election Information

As a member of the Student Government of the UAS Juneau Campus (SGUAS-JC), you represent the interests of the student body. This can vary from simply receiving student complaints and concerns and helping find the appropriate campus resources, to drafting legislation to address specific issues.

In addition, SGUAS-JC is responsible for delegating the use of a budget derived from student fees. These funds are used to support student scholarships, travel grants, events, and other projects.

SGUAS-JC is a great opportunity to build leadership and advocacy skills, network with University administration and faculty and state legislators, and build resume enhancing skills that you can use for the rest of your career.

Members of SGUAS-JC will have two main weekly commitments. These will include office hours, which consist of a one hour weekly meeting. The weekly hours for each position are:

  • President: 15 paid office hours
  • Vice President: 10 paid office hours
  • Senator: 5 paid office hours

In order to run in the election, applicants must:

  • Be a current student at UAS (Online students are welcome to run for office)
  • Be taking a minimum of 6 credits
  • Have a minimum GPA of 2.0
  • Submit one letter of recommendation from a reputable source (professor, employer, community leader, etc.) to SGUAS-JC
  • Complete the application before September 16. Any applicant who does not complete the application by this date will not appear on the ballot, and can only be elected by write-in votes. 
Vice President
  • Become President of SGUAS-JC upon the resignation, impeachment, recall or incapacity of the sitting President;
  • Preside over Student Senate meetings in the case of a temporary unavailability or inability of the President to do so;
  • Appoint the Chair of the Elections Committee, to be approved by a majority of the Student Senate;
  • Make appointments from the non-elected UAS-JC Student Body to three (3) seats on the Elections Committee unless disqualified from service as Chair of the Elections Committee;
  • Co-chair the Legislative Affairs Committee with the President.


  • Work with the Student Government Administrator to manage SGUAS-JC’s budget by tracking expenditures, requests for funding, and the impacts on the budget of fiscal notes of bills introduced for consideration by the Student Senate;
  • Assist the Student Government Administrator with disbursing student club funding in a manner consistent with the SGUAS-JC Constitution and Bylaws;
  • Make a weekly spending and budget report to the Student Senate;
  • Serve on the SGUAS-JC Rules and Finance Committee;
  • Otherwise act as a Student Senator, with all the duties and responsibilities thereof.

Public Relations Officer

  • Manage SGUAS-JC’s social media presence;
  • Assist the Student Government Administrator in managing SGUAS-JC’s website, ensuring that the information and documents on the SGUAS-JC website are current;
  • If a Student Senate meeting is being held virtually, the Senate Public Relations Officer will work with the Student Government Administrator to ensure a link to the meeting is on the website.
  • Serve as a first point of contact for media organizations, particularly the UAS Whalesong, and coordinate with Whalesong staff and members of the Student Senate to submit SGUAS-JC materials and updates to the Whalesong as needed;
  • Advertise SGUAS-JC elections and vacant SGUAS-JC positions eligible for appointment on campus on on social media;
  • Otherwise act as a Student Senator, with all the duties and responsibilities thereof.


  • Initiate and act upon legislation, including proposals to appropriate SGUAS-JC funds;
  • Will serve on at least one SGUAS-JC standing committee and ad hoc committees as needed;
  • Will fulfill weekly office hours set by individual senators and approved by the Student Government Administrator;
  • If a member of the Legislative Affairs Committee, will attend the Legislative Affairs Conference.
  • September 2: Election packets available for interested students
  • September 16: Election packet submission deadline
  • September 19 - 25: Campaign Week (Tell everyone you’re running)
  • September 23: Letters of Recomendation Due 
  • September 26 - 28: Elections (VOTE: encourage UAS student to vote for you)