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Current SGUAS-JC Election

SGUAS-JC Fall 2021 Elections

Fall 2021 Elections are scheduled for late September. If interested in having your name on the ballot, please reach out. 

Meet the Current Senate Members (Newly Elected):

Kali Spencer, Running for President 
Current Student Body President 
Area of Study: Political Science, Psychology, Philosophy

Why are you interested in representing UAS students? 
I have always had big dreams. From a very young age, I knew I wanted to help people. This trend continued into high school and resulted in me getting involved with both national and state politics. My love of civil service has only continued to grow and has led me to pursue a degree and a career in political science. I hope to use my love of student advocacy to not only help students but also develop as a leader. I want to ensure that student voices are being heard every step of the way and that our concerns are being addressed in order to build an even better community here at UAS. I understand that I have a long road ahead of me if I wish to make my future political  dreams a reality but I am highly dedicated and believe that UAS will help give me the foundations I need to achieve my goals and help others. 

Elizah Dominy, Running for Vice President 
Current Student Body Vice President 
Area of Study: Alaska Native Studies & Languages

Why are you interested in representing UAS students?   
I am interested in representing UAS students because I am passionate about creating a campus that celebrates diversity and equity. I believe that representation matters and I would love to be able to give a voice to the underrepresented populations on campus. As a representative of UAS, I would love to challenge the University to continuously uphold Southeast Alaskan Indigenous values. 

Kelsey Cornelius, Running for Senator 
Current UAS Freshman Student 
Area of Study: Education 

Why are you interested in representing UAS students?     
I think it would be a great opportunity to get involved with the school.  

Hannah Forshee
Current SGUAS-JC Senator 
Area of Study: Marine Biology

Why are you interested in representing UAS students?      
I am interested in representing UAS students because I want them to have someone they know, trust, and can count on as one of their representatives. Throughout my two years at UAS, I have made many connections with students with a variety of interests, needs, and backgrounds. 
With things (hopefully) going back to normal, I want to be there for my fellow students to help them transition back to traditional learning, being there to listen to and help find solutions to any problems that they might encounter. I would like to be someone who students are comfortable contacting to talk about what they would like to see happen, whether it be an event, a policy change, or anything else they would like to see on campus. I want to continue being there for my fellow students until I graduate! 

Student Government Elections

Student Government is composed of a President, Vice President, and five Senators.

Elections are held each spring to fill President, Vice President, and three Senator positions. Two Senator positions are reserved for Fall Elections which are held in September of each year.

President and Vice President have detailed job descriptions and Senators work on specific projects identified by the Senate each semester.

Any student (enrolled for 3 credits of ongoing semester-long courses) with a cumulative GPA of 2.5 is eligible to apply for a senate position.

Interested in running in for a Student Government position?! Checkout our example candidate packet.