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Student Government

Please join the weekly meetings every Friday at 2pm in Egan 108 or by zoom:


Student Government (SGUAS-JC) offers a variety of opportunities, such as committees and councils, to get students involved in leadership opportunities on campus. Students can develop skills, techniques and strategies while making friends, relieving stress and having fun. Student Government's staff can assist in making the most of these learning experiences that take place outside the classroom.

Student Government works collaboratively with students, staff, and faculty to develop programs and support systems that reflect diversity, instill self-reliance, leadership and responsible action, and provide enrichment to the educational social, political, and cultural life of the campus and the community at large.

Student Government supports a rich mix of activities and programs that create an atmosphere of opportunity for students to develop and practice organizational and leadership skills. The broad range of student activities provides a stimulating environment that enhances personal growth and fosters social and professional development.

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