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The Learning Center

Math Tutoring

We have professional and/or student math tutors on staff during all open hours. Whether you have a specific problem that you are stuck on, or just want a place to work on your homework with help nearby, feel free to drop by any time!

Summer (May 14 - August 12)

We will not have any scheduled open hours this Summer, however we will have some limited testing availability by appointment. Please email us at to request an appointment.

Note: the Testing Center hours are the same as the Learning Center hours above.

Other Subjects

In addition to math, the Learning Center employs and/or hosts tutors from a variety of other subjects. Check the schedule below to find a time to work with one of our talented student/faculty tutors:

Accounting: TBD

Biology: TBD

Chemistry: TBD

Physics: Most open hours

Statistics: Most open hours