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The UAS Writing Center

We advise students from all disciplines on writing projects.

UAS Juneau Writing Center: end-of semester availability

The Writing Center will be open as usual through finals week, which runs from Dec. 5-11. Please see below for our regular fall hours. Please note that we will not be open on Sunday, Dec. 12.
If you have an extension on your assignment or would like writing assistance after finals week, tutoring will be available by appointment from Dec. 13 until grades are due at noon on Dec. 15. We will then close for winter break, reopening the first week of spring classes. Please click on our appointment calendar for availability, or email us at

Our regular fall hours:

  • Monday-Thursday: 10:30 AM-5:00 PM
  • Friday: 11:30 AM-2:30 PM
  • Saturday: closed
  • Sunday: 2:30 PM-5:00 PM

Please watch this space, as these hours are subject to change.

Seeing a writing tutor is easy

You can make a 30-minute appointment by emailing the Writing Center at or clicking our "Appointment Calendar" tab at the top of this page.  We will offer in-person appointments as well as remote options this  fall. If you email us, please indicate what type of appointment you would like.

Note: Due to COVID-19 concerns involving the capacity of the WC, we can't guarantee immediate availability for walk-in tutoring. Please make an appointment to guarantee a tutor will be available for you. Walk-ins will be accepted if we have an available tutor. We will help you as soon as someone becomes available.

If you are simply looking for a comfortable place to work, the WC will have space (and available computers) for a limited number of non-tutoring students at a time, but we are happy to have you if there is room!

How to prepare for tutoring sessions

  • At least 1 hour before your appointment, email us your latest draft and your writing assignment/prompt to help us better understand the project's requirements. If you do not have a draft yet and need help getting started, that's also fine!
  • Please be aware that, depending upon the length of the paper, we may not be able cover the entire draft during your half-hour appointment. You are, however, welcome to make as many appointments as you need to finish working on a draft!
  • If you do not email us your draft before the appointment, we can still help you work on it during your visit to the WC, getting as far as possible within the 30-minute time frame.
  • Develop questions you have for us, or be ready to let us know what kind of feedback you are hoping to receive.
  • Provide earlier drafts if you'd like us to look at the changes you've made or your instructor’s suggestions.
  • And most of all, remember: There isn't much we can do for you if your paper is due in an hour. To get the most out of your session, come in well ahead of your deadline.

We also offer writing tutoring through phone and Zoom.

After you schedule your appointment, please send a copy of your essay to Send us as much information about the assignment as possible, including instructions, problem areas, and concerns.  We do not edit essays and send them back to students. You must be present either in person, by Zoom, or by phone to receive assistance from a writing tutor.  If you would like to meet by phone, please include your phone number in your appointment email.

Who we are

The Writing Center, located downstairs in the Egan Library, Room 105, advises students from all disciplines on writing projects. We are a team of strong writers who believe writing is a crucial form of communication. We aim to help you master that communication through attentive, supportive assistance and a genuine interest in what you have to say.

What we do

We discuss your writing with you. After all, we think that's what writers need most—readers who are interested in their writing and who want to respond to it. We hope you will visit us often, with anything from your biology paper to the poem you wrote last night. You are also welcome to come see us if you’re working on a scholarship application letter, a story of your own, or even a thought-provoking post on social media.

We can help at every stage of the writing process, from understanding a prompt (no draft required!) to helping you with a final polish of your assignment.

We also provide a variety of study guides to help you organize your essay, create a thesis statement, write your first analysis, master MLA, and more.

The Writing Center is a judgment-free zone. We want to help you regardless of your skill level or experience! We will assist you in editing your own papers and help you develop your own editing skills by locating grammar errors and teaching you how to self-correct your sentences. We work hard to explain grammatical concepts in plain words that you can understand. We don't tell you what to think or write but instead help you determine how best to respond to your writing assignments. We also provide feedback on content and organization. This attention to detail means we may only cover a short portion of your paper during your appointment, but you will leave with tools to apply to the rest of your revision. We also welcome you to make multiple appointments to work on any assignment.

For additional editing help outside of the WC, we recommend Read&Write software, which has an editing feature along with many tools to help you in your writing journey.