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Library Policies and Forms

Patron Privacy Policy

It is the policy of the UAS Ketchikan Campus Library that the privacy of all users will be respected in compliance with federal and state laws, as well as professional standards.

Pursuant to Section 40.25.140 of the Alaska Statutes, Section 40.25.140: "the names, addresses, or other personal identifying information of people who have used materials made available to the public by a library shall be kept confidential, except upon court order.." In addition, all library records and other information relating to an individual's use of the Library and its resources are considered confidential. These records include, but are not limited to, circulation records of library materials, interlibrary loan transactions, computer database searches, equipment rental, and reference or informational questions asked.

The Alaska Statutes further state that: "Records of a public elementary or secondary school library identifying a minor child shall be made available on request to a parent or guardian of that child." That means that although elementary or secondary school librarians may reveal to parents or guardians what their children have checked out from the library, staff in Alaska public, academic and special libraries may not do so.

For further information about the Patron Privacy Policy of the UAS Ketchikan Campus Library, please contact the Librarian at 907-228-4517.

Internet Use Policy

Central to the mission of the UAS Ketchikan Campus Library is to support the instructional programs of the University and to strive to develop collections, resources and services to meet the information and research needs of the University population and its library patrons. It is within that context that the UAS Ketchikan Campus Library offers access to the Internet.

The following is a list of guidelines established by the UAS Ketchikan Campus Library governing the use of the Internet on its public access computers:

  • Public workstations are provided in the UAS Ketchikan Campus Library primarily to support the gathering of information and research materials by the students, faculty, and staff of the University, with secondary outreach to the local community and other library users. Persons who are engaged in other activities may be asked to relinquish a workstation when others are waiting.
  • The UAS Ketchikan Campus Library does not assume responsibility for the content or accuracy of information found on the Internet.
  • All users must comply with the University of Alaska Southeast's Sexual Harassment Policy which states, in part, that "All members of the University community should be able to work and learn in an environment free from conduct or behavior of a sexual nature commonly understood by persons of average sensibilities as being inherently harmful or offensive."
  • Minors (under the age of 18), who are not enrolled as UAS students, are prohibited from Internet usage unless accompanied by an adult. Parents of minors have sole responsibility for their children's use of Internet resources.
  • Transmission of any material in violation of any federal or state laws or regulations is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, copyrighted materials, threatening or obscene materials, pornographic materials, or materials prohibited by trade secrets. Use for commercial purposes is also prohibited. Materials that might create an intimidating, hostile, or offensive environment are prohibited. Also prohibited are: Uses that cause harm to others or damage to their property, uses that could be called hacking, uses that could compromise the safety of minors, and uses that violate confidentiality of information.

Please use good judgment and courtesy to those around you when using the Internet. Users may not change computer settings, install software or otherwise tamper with the computers. If you experience problems with the computer you must alert staff immediately. Otherwise, actions taken on the computer will be construed as intentional. As with every service at the library, if you cause a disturbance in the library, you will be required to leave the building.


Library Policy Manual

Collection Development Policy

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