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Interlibrary Loan

Locate and request articles and books from around the world...we will get those sources for you!

What is ILL?

ILL or Interlibrary Loan is a network of libraries connected nationwide and internationally. All UAS students, faculty, and staff can request articles and books for your studies, and more. 

Frequently asked questions

Current students, faculty (including Emeritus) and staff at UAS are eligible to use Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Service. You will use your UA Username and Password to access and manage your account.

Patron library accounts must be in good standing to receive ILL items.

Instead of using ILL, place a hold in the Alaska Library Catalog (ALC). If in Juneau, the item will be couriered to the Egan Library. If elsewhere, it will be mailed to the Egan Library for you.

Think of the ALC as an extension of your home library. You can place a hold on an item from another library location using your own library card, just as you would at your home library. ILL service is not needed for items in the ALC.

Place all your material requests through your ILL account unless you live close to one of the ALC member libraries. If what you want is in the Alaska Library Catalog (ALC) and is convenient to pick up, just place a hold on the item(s).

If the item is not in the catalog and we need to get it elsewhere, we will request it for you and, once it arrives at the Egan Library we will mail it to your home address. If we own the item, it is mailed to you more quickly. You will return items directly to the lending library except for the book chapters and articles sent to you electronically.

Remember, you’ll need a UA Username and Password.

You can use the ALC (Alaska Library Catalog) and place a hold for delivery to Sitka Public Library (Egan Library and Sitka Public Library are members). Or, you can still use your Egan Library Interlibrary Loan account. If you order books sent, you can return loan items requested through your UAS ILL account to the UAS-Sitka Student Success Center (room 226) and they will mail them back to us.

The Ketchikan Campus Library joined the ALC in late 2021. You can now place holds in the library catalog, or you can order items through your Interlibrary Loan account. Local Ketchikan students, faculty, and staff are eligible for ILL and can return their ILL loans directly to Ketchikan Campus Library.

This service is only available to current UAS affiliates and we do not charge any extra fees for interlibrary loan unless items are overdue or lost. Please respect that there are staff and mailing costs involved in providing ILL services, and order only items you need.

Requests are either submitted directly through your ILL account or through library databases and Full-Text Finder. Request limits are based on your status with UAS as follows:

  • undergraduate student=5
  • graduate student & staff=10
  • distance student & faculty=15

Article requests can take from 2–5 days and the library usually sends the material electronically.Loans such as books and Audio-Visual material can take 1–3 weeks, depending on how the lending library sends the material. We ask libraries to send material in the most expedient way, but some libraries will only send by surface mail. You should not wait until the last minute to place requests. ILL staff will try to accommodate "rush requests". If you do place a rush request, it is helpful if you also notify ILL staff about it by phone (907-796-6470).

You can log into your ILL account to review the status of your requests. If you bring up a request you have placed in your ILL Account and see "request sent" this means that Egan Library Staff have placed the request, not that the lending library has shipped the item. You can always contact Egan Library ILL staff to find out if/when the lending library has shipped the material(s). If you have further questions, please contact ILL staff by phone (907-796-6470) or by email: Interlibrary Loan staff support is generally available from 8 a.m.–5 p.m. Mon-Fri.

You will receive an email when loan items are available for pick up at the circulation desk or if you are an e-Learning student when they are being mailed out to the address you provided. When articles are received for you, they will be posted electronically to your ILL account and you will receive an email letting you know to check your account.

Place a renewal request directly from your ILL account or by calling ILL staff. The interlibrary loan system will not allow you to renew directly from your account if the due date has passed. Within your ILL account, click on “view/renew checked out items”. Bring up the item you want to renew and click on the renewal link. Please note that if “no renewals” is checked on the cover slip of your item, the lending library does not allow renewals. Also note that all renewal requests are forwarded to the lending library which makes the renewal determination. A new due date will be forwarded to you by email and you can keep the material in the meantime.

Current UAS Students, Faculty and Staff may use their Whale Card (or UAF/UAA ID) as their library card.  UA library account creation is automated with integration with the Student Information System (Banner) and your library account number will be your UA ID number. 

UA affiliates may have another established library account from an ALC library.  As a UAS affiliate you are allowed to have duplicate accounts (one UA account, one public library account).   

Holds on ALC library items will only show up in your library patron account. Your ILL overdue and lost charges will show up in your Egan Library Account and you can pay those at the Circulation Desk. If you have more than one ILL Account because you are taking classes at different campuses, know that ILL accounts are separate from each other. Each account only reflects and manages the requests you’ve initiated using that account.

If you placed your ILL with UAA, please contact that library to follow-up. UAS will not have any information about the loan, as UA ILL departments are not connected.

Other information

We encourage you to use your ILL account in a responsible way. First check to see if what you need is held locally, if it is not, we can get it elsewhere for you. Easy and it helps you get your research done.

This service abides by copyright laws and is guided by the Interlibrary Loan Code for the United States (American Library Association). 

UAS Interlibrary Loan Contacts:

Kerry Neely, ILL & Outreach Services Assistant, 907-796-6470, 

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