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Alcohol Policy Statement

The mission of the University of Alaska Southeast (UAS) is student learning and student success. The great majority of events and activities supported and hosted by UAS are alcohol-free. However, there are a limited number of events and activities where alcohol—limited specifically to beer or wine—may appropriately be served in modest quantities within a controlled environment. All such use requires written approval in advance from the Chancellor or designee.

UA Board of Regents policy P05.12.103 provides that “persons who have reached the statutory drinking age are permitted to possess and consume alcoholic beverages on university campuses as provided by applicable university regulation, campus procedures, and all applicable laws and regulations.” Moreover, Regent’s policy P01.02.030 sets expectations for maintaining good order on university premises, including avoiding any disruption of university operations and protecting and preserving life and property.

UAS policy and procedures are aligned with these system-wide policies. Our university is continuously attentive to the manner in which alcohol use and abuse may affect student learning and success, and the impact of this policy on the overall atmosphere and public perception of our campuses. In considering circumstances under which limited alcohol service and/or sale may or may not be approved, the following objectives apply:

  • Promote responsible behavior among all members of the University community
  • Educate the university community concerning the use and effects of alcoholic beverages in order to promote responsible decision-making
  • Help individuals experiencing difficulties associated with the use of alcohol
  • Promote public safety on our campuses and at university-sponsored events
  • Maintain a healthy atmosphere on campus and a positive public perception of UAS

Alcohol in the UAS Housing Community

Consistent with Regent’s policy, residents 21 years of age or older will have the privilege of consuming alcoholic beverages in student housing so long as use conforms with applicable law and policy and does not interfere with the university’s mission and the objectives cited above. UAS’ mission of student learning and success encourages the intellectual, ethical and social growth of its residents—to allow substantial areas of personal freedom for residents to know and practice standards of mature behavior.

That said, alcohol consumption in the housing environment must not jeopardize public safety, infringe upon other residents’ rights to privacy, or impact the ability of others to study and rest within their housing units. More information about the use of alcohol in housing is available in the Student Housing Living Guide.

Service of Alcoholic Beverages on University Premises

The UAS Chancellor or designee has the authority to approve in writing special events on university premises where beer or wine may be served to individuals of legal age. Only beer or wine may be approved; no other alcoholic beverages are allowed. Approval may be granted only for designated premises and for discrete periods of time, as outlined in conditions of the permit.

The Chancellor, at his/her discretion, may provide additional limitations on service of beer or wine, including but not limited to requirements for service by a state-certified vendor, a plan for monitoring alcohol served at the event, and advance approval of the event’s location, participants, room layout, food service, and advertising. Kegs or other large quantity containers of beer or wine are not allowed. Any beer or wine consumed must stay within a well-defined and controlled environment specified in the request for approval. Provision of alcohol should not be the foremost focus of any event. Food and non-alcoholic beverages should also be available for participants. UAS student organizations may not serve alcohol at the meetings where official student organization business is being conducted. Alcoholic beverages may not be purchased with public funds.

Parties requesting to provide beer or wine service on university premises will be held fully accountable for any violation of permission granted by the Chancellor. Violation of any applicable public law or ordinance, Regents’ policy, or university regulation relating to alcohol use will result in disciplinary action and/or prosecution by university and/or civil authorities.

Any individual, group, or organization wishing to request approval to serve beer or wine on university premises must do so in advance by completing the official UAS Alcoholic Beverage Service Application posted on the university’s website.

Service or Sale of Alcoholic Beverages at University-Sponsored Events Not on University Premises

Serving alcoholic beverages at university-sponsored events off campus may be approved if the server has an appropriate state alcohol serving certificate. As above, such service requires approval by the Chancellor or designee. Food and non-alcoholic beverages should also be available for participants.

Any sale of alcohol must be conducted by a vendor in compliance with state laws and regulations and with assurances that the service will be provided consistent with the UAS Alcoholic Beverage Service Application. More information on the permit process is available on the university’s website.

Violation of Alcohol Policies

Any use of alcohol on university premises or in conjunction with university-sponsored events must conform to applicable law and policy. UAS defines misuse of alcohol by a student as a violation of the Student Code of Conduct.

Violation of any part of this policy or of requirements specified under a Chancellor’s permit may result in permanent revocation of a recognized club, organization or department’s future ability to serve alcohol.

Alcohol Counseling and Support Services

UAS offers a number of programs each year that promote and support making safe choices regarding the use of alcohol, drugs and other intoxicants. If you are concerned about your own substance use or the behaviors of others using alcohol or other intoxicants, the UAS Counseling office offers free screenings, a wide variety of individualized support, and referral services as appropriate.

UAS reserves the right to amend this policy in accordance with Board of Regents policy, university regulations, applicable laws, ordinances, and regulations, and in the best interests of the University.