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Annual Program Assessments

UAS has strategically placed self-assessment at the heart of its activities. Through this commitment to continuous self-reflection and improvement, UAS has developed a culture of assessment that guides decision-making institution-wide. A key facet of UAS’s assessment activities is assessing student achievement of pre-defined learning outcomes. The process starts with the development of learning outcomes assessment plans for each academic program, followed by plan implementation, reporting, and ultimately looping back the insights gained from this process into program improvements. Program reviews, required by Board of Regents policy, are an integral part of our practice to ensure that we meet UAS’s mission. Reviews focus on data-informed evidence of quality teaching and learning, graduation effectiveness, success of graduates in securing employment or advancing their educational goals, community engagement, adequacy of available resources, alignment with related programs at UAS and across UA, and program elements requiring improvement.

Program Assessment Plans, Annual Assessment Reports, and the schedule of Five Year Program Reviews can be found on the Assessment and Review Schedule tab.  Please also visit the Frequently Asked Questions tab on that page. 

For Faculty: Download the current report template here.

Program Assessment Timeline for Academic Year 2017–2018
Annual Program Assessment Report ActivityDate due
Provost sends reminder memo about Annual Program Assessment Reports to Deans, Directors, Faculty SenateOctober 5
Deans & Directors consult with faculty to review/update, or develop Program Assessment PlansOctober 25
Department chairs/program heads work with faculty to prepare Annual Program Assessment Reports (see link above table of preferred format) Fall - Spring Semester
Reminder Memo about Program Assessment deadlines sent out by Provost to Deans & DirectorsJanuary 10
Annual Program Assessment Reports due to Deans and DirectorsMarch 1
Annual Program Assessment Reports and Dean/Director response due to Provost's Office and FacultyApril 15
Provost's website updated with Annual Program Assessment ReportsMay 31