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Emeritus Faculty

Emeritus Faculty

Appointment as professor emeritus or emerita is an honor conferred by the Chancellor, on just a small portion of retiring professors who have demonstrated excellence, following consideration of recommendations by the faculty, upon an outstanding retiree of the university as described in Policy and Regulation 04.04.070 -- Emeritus Status.

Criteria for Candidacy

  • A full-time faculty member who has attained the rank of full professor and who has retired after a minimum of 10 years at the University of Alaska immediately prior to retirement may be honored through appointment as Professor Emeritus.
  • The process for nominating a retiring faculty member for emeritus status may be found in the Full Time Faculty Handbook in the chapter on Faculty Appointments.
  • In exceptional circumstances, the Chancellor may confer emeritus status on other meritorious employees who have provided a minimum of 10 years of faithful service of high quality to the institution.

UAS Emeriti

alphabetical order

  • Richard Caulfield, Chancellor, Emeritus; 2020
  • Cathy Connor, Professor of Geology, Emerita; 2014
  • Marjorie Fields, Professor Education, Emerita; 2004
  • Richard Gard, Professor of Fisheries, Emeritus; 1992
  • Richard Hacker, Professor of Law Science, Emeritus; 2003
  • Lewis Haldorson, Professor of Fisheries, Emeritus; 2002
  • Ernestine Hayes, Professor of English, Emerita; 2019
  • Susan Koester, Professor of Communication, Emerita; 2009
  • Rod Landis, Professor of English, Emeritus; 2021
  • Jason Ohler, Professor of Education Technology, Emeritus; 2009
  • Lawrence Lee Oldaker, Professor of Education, Emeritus; 1999
  • Wallace Olson, Professor of Anthropology, Emeritus; 1994
  • Art Peterson, Professor of English, Emeritus; 2001
  • John Pugh, Chancellor, Emeritus; 2015
  • Priscilla Schulte, Professor of Anthropology, Emerita; 2024
  • Katie Spangler, Professor of Education, Emerita; 2019
  • Mike Stekoll, Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Emeritus; 2019
  • Janice Straley, Professor of Marine Biology, Emerita; 2022
  • Sherry Tamone, Professor of Biology, Emerita, 2020
  • Robin Walz, Professor of History, Emeritus, 2020